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I've noticed the critters in the museum respond to the time of day. For instance, the tarantula and hermit crab come out of hiding at night and crawl around their enclosures, and the butterflies around the fountain can be found resting on the flowers.

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@Mountain_Man That's a cool detail. Probably helps make it feel more like an actual museum.

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@Zach777 I have apples if you need some. Still growing cherries.

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@Mountain_Man Noticed that too when I went looking for the centipede I donated. Little details. Love it!

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@Mountain_Man @BrittGOAL14 It's awesome details like that that make me all the more shocked that PETA went out of the way to attack the museum in Animal Crossing. I don't see how anyone can look at that museum and think "golly, those animal really have it BAD!"

At least I can kind of understand the fishing thing. The hook through the mouth of the fish would obviously be a pretty horrible experience. But the museum? The animals live in safer friendlier environments than they would be in nature! It's not like we're killing, stuffing and mounting them!

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@Zach777 i have lots of cherries but not many apples


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Found out it is possible to vault and get stuck in a hole you dug. Gotta be more careful with my shovel.

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@AshleighL Awesome. If you see me online I will make sure my gates are open.

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A small “quality of life” feature they should add is being able separate items in your bag. For example if you have 10 peaches in your inventory you should be able to separate them 5 and 5 in your bag without dropping some on the ground. Alternatively, they could have you select the quantity of the item you want to sell.

Not a huge deal at all, just something I noticed.



@NotTelevision You can seperate stacked items, but only one-by-one. You can grab one, and it places it in your inventory. With the example you give, you'd need 5 spaces in your inventory then you can drag each peach onto the others to create two stacks.

It is a bit cumbersome though.

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I don’t suppose anyone knows what score this game received in the latest Edge magazine (out today)?



Heavyarms55 wrote:

@Mountain_Man @BrittGOAL14 It's awesome details like that that make me all the more shocked that PETA went out of the way to attack the museum in Animal Crossing.

I'm not shocked at all. PETA are a bunch of hypocritical idiots who will say anything to get publicity. Remember when they criticized the Tanooki suit in Super Mario claiming that it celebrated the killing of animals and wearing their fur? They're the same organization that prefers euthanizing animals over adoption because death is somehow preferable to being "caged" in a house with owners that adore you.

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Help! I’ve done what Tom Nook told me: search for three places for three houses and some furniture. I did everything, and double-checked every house and furniture. Everything is completed. However, o visit Nook and he keeps on saying that I have to look for the three places for the houses and check the boxes to put all the furniture.

Should I wait for tomorrow?

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@Ganso Have you placed the exterior furniture around the houses? For the interior furniture, just make sure you've placed them in the box (you should see a check mark next to the items when you check with the box).

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@Vee_Flames FIXED! Yes, everything was in the right place. I gave up on that and started doing other things. I met Nook again and this time he asked if I had finished everything. I don't know what the problem was. But it's solved! I'll have new neighbours tomorrow!!! YAY!

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